Launchpad MkII - lights?

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Launchpad MkII - lights?

Post by Axisential »

Hey all, fairly new user here. Have been a long term hardware looper guy, but want to shift to software to give me more flexibility in my live set.

Being a Linux guy, SooperLooper suits me perfectly and I've been really impressed with its feature set and stability (Nice one Jesse!)

So, I can get my Launchpad MkII to control SL just fine via MIDI bindings, however I'd REALLY love to get the lights on the Launchpad to give me visual feedback. Is this possible?!


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Re: Launchpad MkII - lights?

Post by Freasy »

it might be a little bit late and you probably have lost hope on an answer, but here is my solution:
I used a Launchpad MkII exactly for this, but I had to write a little program which functions as a "translator" between SL and the Launchpad. It communicates via OSC with SL and uses the data provided to update its state which it then will send to the Launchpad. Also it "translates" every command from the Launchpad into OSC for SL.
I did this with Processing, if you are able to do a little bit of scripting, you should get a solution quite fast. You just need a library for OSC and MIDI and there you go.
I will see if I maybe find the source code of my program.

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