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Setting up Mac for low latency

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 5:22 am
by stuart
Hi all

I've got SooperLooper running on my Mac using a TC Helicon VoiceLiveTouch as the audio interface (USB) and it's going okay. I'm also running FabFilter Twin2 software synth on the machine which stretches things a bit CPU-wise though and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on setting the OS up for live audio work.

I guess I have two main issues. One is the general latency - at the moment I have the buffer set to 512 but 1024 seems more reliable. I'd like to get it down to 256 or better but I'm not sure if that is going to be possible (it's a 2GB MacBook Air by the way).

The second problem is trying to track down all the things to uninstall/ turn off. Suddenly with Spotlight started indexing I got lots of xruns and noise, something I'd hate to have an audience be forced to listen to!

Any advice or links to guide greatly appreciated!


Re: Setting up Mac for low latency

PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2012 2:34 pm
by f0m3
maybe my video tutorials will help? Only the first one is in german but has english subtitles. The other ones are in english...