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Postby jsherreitt » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:58 pm

Hey sportsfans. This is my first post up here and if it actually gets answered, I'd be stoked and amazed.

Anyways I was trying to assign hotkey commands to my midi foot controller using another program called "midistroke" which translates midi signals into keystrokes. I have all the commands assigned as I want, but the problem is that the commands "next loop" and "previous loop" for scrolling up and down through loops don't work. When I assign hotkeys to those two controls, such as "n" for next loop and "p" for previous loop and attempt to execute those commands on the keyboard itself I get no response.

The commands for "select loop 1" and "select loop 2" both work fine so it's not a real deal-breaker or anything, but it's kind of lame to think that for every loop I want to create I have to sacrifice another switch on the foot controller to dedicate it for selecting one specific loop. Having just the two simple "previous" and "next" commands to cycle through and scroll up and down to select loops would be better and after talking with a buddy who uses SL, I discovered that those commands work fine for him and he couldn't figure out why my computer wouldn't execute those identical hotkey commands.

so-- select next loop and select previous loop not working within sooper looper itself. Has anyone else had this problem?

any ideas?
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Re: Hotkeys

Postby jesse » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:44 pm

I will check to see if that is a bug.

But my question to you is if you have an actual midi footpedal why would you try to convert it into keystrokes when you can route the midi directly into SooperLooper where there is a far more functional binding capability?

What OS are you running? Are you running SL with Jack or are you on OSX and using the Audio Unit version?
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