Not working...

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Not working...

Post by flowergreg »

Hi, I just started SooperLooper for the first time. (Ubuntu 14.04)
I pressed the "Record" button and the registering started, then I pressed it again and it kept playing the loop, but without sound.

I wanted to test the microphone so I started Audacity, I pressed the "Record" button but the time indicator didn't move at all, it kept staying on 0.00.
I looked for tutorial videos, but either on YouTube and on Vimeo, all videos were stuck on 0.00, even if the buffering was working.

I restarted my computer. Youtube, Vimeo and Audacity now were working. I restarted SooperLooper and they didn't work again.
Note: videos on Facebook (even Youtube ones) do work.

Can you understand what is going wrong?

Thank you.

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Re: Not working...

Post by Freasy »

did you connect the audio inputs and outputs with the jack audio server? Does the jack audio server even run?

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