how to get /sl/#/forceup to work?

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how to get /sl/#/forceup to work?

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Hello all
I'm having a bit of trouble controlling whether an OSC message starts or stops a command.

Using /sl/0/down record followed by /sl/0/up record works pretty much as expected, but only for loops >= 1.00 secs.
If /sl/0/up is sent sooner than 1.00 secs after the down command, nothing happens & the loop keeps on recording

I assume that /sl/0/forceup record is what I want to use in this case, but it doesn't seem to do anything to release the record press.

How should I go about making sure sending /sl/0/forceup record after /sl/0/down record actually makes the recording stop?
Or any other way to making sure an OSC command "releases" a press instantaneously, regardless of how short the delay is between the press and release commands?

I'm sending OSC messages using Max4Live on OS X 10.10.5 over to SooperLooper AU. v1.7.3

Any suggestions and help welcome,
Thank you

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Re: how to get /sl/#/forceup to work?

Post by jesse »

You are correct that forceup should be doing what you want. I'll need to look into that to see if I can reproduce it.

As a workaround, yes, if you do an down followed immediately by an up (as it would be if tapping a button or pedal) to start recording, and do the same down-up to finish, it should work fine. Basically, the up is ignored if it comes less than 1 second after the down for that command, which is why that works. Alternatively you could use a single 'hit' to start, and a 'hit' to stop.

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