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Hi Jesse, I've written here before about this subject. I am currently sing Live8.1.1 and inside it SL as an AU. It all seems to be working fine, I'm still cleaning a bit my setup. I am playing for instruments and within sidechains sending them to the different loops in SL. I have: NORD, ELECT GUIT, ACUST GUIT, VOX.

I was using the Main in as the signal flow's basis. Then sending evry instrument to whichever SL loop I recorded on. This seemed to work fine for a while, but now that I am digigng deeper in the setup for my live performances I need to go another way. This solution became a problem because I'm sending 4 stereo outputs to the spundmixer in the show, each receiving the individual outputs of the 4 loops 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. The thing is that once the loop is recorded this works, but the original loop, when I'm playing (during recording) the signal is not being fed to this individual loop outs, I believe that they work in PostRec in a way. So the audience can't listen to the original loops unless I assign one output for the SL main out, this would work but it would result as an out for any signal that was fed through the MAIN IN, this results in an issue when mixing the sound as you cannot apply the respective dynamics or eq to every instrument.

The ideal way is using the SL individual INS, it already appears to have 3: 3/4,5/6,7/8. This way I can feed the signal directly to the desired loop and the signal would continue until it gets to the OUT TRACKS, this way the loop being played gets to the out, before and after being recorded. The problem is there are only 3 indivdual INS.

I'm really in need of at least another two individual inputs, I'm currently rehearsing for an upcoming small tour in Europe and this would really help me achieve a more precise setup, and as you surely agree:

the cleaner the setup = the greater the quality of the sound = the greater the quality of the show.

To reach this quality it would be great to just give the engineer my four outputs respectively so he could work on a good mix setup.

I've been listening to some of Zoe Keatings interviews on details of her setup and she talks abot being able to have asked you for some custom tweaks, this is why I am reaching out for your help!

If I knew anything about codes I would probably try to resolve this issue by my own, but is CERTAINLY not the case.

hope I've explaind myself correctly,

thank you for your time


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Not sure if this is answering your question at all, but what I do is create an additional track in Ableton (one additional track for each instrument), that takes the input of my instrument (guitar, vox), and sends them directly to the output of my audio interface (to the sound guy), bypassing Sooperlooper entirely. So this way:

a) i always have a dry signal going through to the sound guy (from this additional track)
b) when i loop something, that playback goes to the sound guy (from the original SL track)
c) if i route both the sooperlooper and dry tracks to the same output, the sound guy will get both dry+looped from the same channel.

not sure if that's what your problem was, hopefully i helped.

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